• Shear Savvy Secrets and Strategies for Successful Salon Apprenticeships Become More Efficient
    Utilize your apprentice as your assistant and increase the number of clients you service in a day!
  • Your Solution for Growth
    Start an apprenticeship program in your salon today!
  • Become A Mentor
    Inspire your apprentice to share your success!
  • Choose a Manicurist or Esthetician Apprenticeship
    Train a manicurist or esthetician in a 6 month program.
    Cosmetologist apprenticeship is 24 months in most states.

About the book...

Shear Savvy is a valuable business tool that provides detailed instruction on how to start and maintain an apprenticeship program. It is an easy to follow, how-to guide that takes salon industry professionals through an apprenticeship in six simple steps.

A comprehensive CD that contains contracts, meeting agendas, weekly assignments, tracking spreadsheets, schedules, a quarterly review, list of equipment, letters, mailing labels, adjustable salon diagram, step-by-step instructions and more, accompanies the book. (These documents can also be used to apply for a School of Cosmetology license if a state does not have cosmetology apprenticeship guidelines.)

Open, edit and print these ready-to-use documents to help you get approval from the state, identify your salon culture, select your director of education, hold meetings, identify responsibilities, track homework and lesson plans and more.


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Shear Savvy is energizing and inspiring, a trustworthy guide to success. The salon industry no longer has to rely on traditional cosmetology schools to produce licensed cosmetologists, nail technicians or estheticians. Now with the help of this book, salon owners can start their own apprenticeship program in their salon and produce qualified vested team members.

Salons all around the United States are using Shear Savvy to guide them through their apprenticeship with ease. Each step of the program was created, tested and perfected to ensure its efficiency, ease of use and success for the apprentice, the owner and the salon.





Increase Your Income

Eliminate the need for a paid assistant and increase the salon's productivity by utilizing your apprentice.

Grow Your Business

Share your salon's philosophy and knowledge and produce qualified vested team members.

Available in Two Versions

Paperback with CD ROM - $74.95 E-Book with E-Docs - $47.95


"I needed help, I felt overwhelmed with everything I needed to keep track of. I am so glad I found this book, it made things easy, saved my sanity and kept the program on track." L. Messing Georgia

"My first apprentice made me feel like I failed her miserably. I knew I had to find something to help my program be more professional and this book did it! So easy to follow and my apprentice can follow right along, so if I am busy she knows what to move on to next." Dana Behr, New York